How to Apply

How to Apply

Admission Terms & Condition:

The Institute is attach with Prabhawati Govt. Hospital, Gaya for clinical practice of students, Besides, Healthing Touch Hospital P.H.C., Bodh Gaya are also on the penal of providing identiacl facilities to our student. Community field experience is provide to the students by taking them to attached Primary Health Centre.


Terms & Condition:

Leave & Vacation:

The Instuitue has its own fleet fo transport buses for providing conveyance to its students for clinical training/school & other field work.



The Vivekanand Paramedical & Nursing College  awards Merit Scholarships ot meritorious students scoring distinction intrnal exams.


Restriction & Expulsion:

Bihar Studnet Credit card program and various commercial bank finance for undertaking Nurisng Education by way of 'Study Loan' to the parents of eligible students. Tution fee paid for professional eduacation is eligble fo income tax rebate under sec. 80C of Income Tax Act. The Institute on its part assist parents of desirous students in raising study from Bihar Student Credit Card Program is best scheme for stduent.


Identity Card:

The students are ecourage to take part in indoor and outdoor sports activities and participate in inter school soprts competitions. The Institute campus has good play ground, suitable for outdoor games.



The Institute has Hostel facilites, it shall be the duty of every resident to maintain intergrity of character and follow high traditions of discipline set by the school. All residents are excepted to return to the hospital by the stipulated time in evening. Violation of the rules will invite heavy monetary fines and if repeated may entail removal from the hostel. Smokng, drining alcoholic beverages, dealing and consuming prohibited drugs immoral conduct erntertaining unauthorizes guest and disturbing other inmates are punishable as violation of hostel discipline. The hostel boasts of a hygienic modern kitchen which caters to the needs of the hostel inamtes.